Saturday, May 7, 2011

Romantique Sampler update & more fishes

This sampler, when finished, will be beautiful. I simply cannot fathom how the designer came up with this. She must have an exquisite mind.
At the top, with the flowers is part 8. I did part 8 before part 7 for two reasons. The first reason is that part 8 has much more stitching to it and I thought if I did it first, part 7 would seem much more doable before the deadline! The second reason is that part 7 had a color of floss that I didn't have at the time. Of course this "problem" has been rectified.

A close up - this part was very fun to stitch and went relatively quickly.

9 more fish-WITH the ends all woven in.

Total fish to date = 105

Can you see the one with fun fur......


chrisstitches said...

Yes, I love the colors

Emily in NC said...

The sampler is great. What are you going to do with all the fish when you knit them all??

hakucho said...

Your sampler is really shaping up! Love the latest part's design and color. You must be getting close to finishing up your fishie's...not long now :)