Thursday, August 12, 2010

More camping activities

This is where I could be found in the early morning and the evening right after dinner while camping - knitting by our campfire. This was so very relaxing, I have been trying to figure out a way to make this happen at my home - I think it would be frowned upon to light fires in my backyard!! Anyway, a fair amount of knitting happened.
The 6th and final blanket was worked on almost everyday...
The stack of strips - 4 of them - the blanket is now completely knitted! WAHOO!!!! It just needs to be sewn together and the crochet edge put on. That is happening now in the evenings while we watch our shows and wind down at the end of the day.
I always bring a book with me to read.....except for this time.....I had placed it on the piano right by the front door to take along with us....and forgot it. Oh, Well - we had just been to the library for the kids and they let me read their books. The above book, First Light, was pretty good. It was very, very similar to the City of Ember but in a different setting. I totally enjoyed it. My oldest daughter had read it, then I read it, and now 10yo son is reading it. It's nice to be able to talk to him about a book while he is reading it - he gets much more out of it and I find it so enjoyable.
This book is about a troubled youth who gets a second chance. Also an enjoyable read. 10yo old son will like this one as well.
This is a cute take on an old tired story line. I thoroughly enjoyed it and laughed out loud many time. My 8yo daughter is reading it right now and really likes it - I also think the 12yo would like it as well.
This one is very well written and based on a true story. It touches on a whole bunch of issues that were nice to discuss with the 12yo. I was hoping the 14yo would read it, but so far she is not interested. I think the 8yo would enjoy it and will try to guide her to it as soon as she finished the genie book. I found it so nice to read some of these books. I don't usually have time to read all the books that they read. My kids are voracious readers - it's hard to get them to stop reading to go to bed!! I do try to keep up with the core literature they read during the school year. First, it's great to discuss these books with them as I read them at the same time they do. Second, I enjoy re-reading these books now as an adult. Some of them have a much great impact like Island of the Blue Dolphins - I remember reading it and thinking how scary it would be to be all alone on an island, but also how exciting. Now after reading it as an adult, I found it also amazing how she survived and also thought about how hard it would be for her to reintegrate into society. Talking about that with my children and hearing their feedback and thoughts was enlightening. Right now I am reading the prequel to Anne of Green Gables and am having a hard time putting that one down - I guess it runs in the family!! I hope the girls will want to read it because I am enjoying it so much!! Well, it's back off to the everyday chores of my daily life. At least the laundry is FINALLY caught up from being away for so long!

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