Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Finish!!

The 5th blanket is finally finished. It felt like it took a really long time to sew these strips together, but the edging only took two evenings to finish. These blankets are really easy to make and they are soft, but I am ready to move onto other things. I wonder what I will choose next.....there are quite a few UFO's around here to work on, but there are always new ideas floating around in my head. Lovely patterns that I have either made note of in magazines or printed off the computer - yarn in my stash to be used - new stitches to learn - it might take a bit to settle on something or a few somethings. There are also the holidays to be preparing for. The lists have all been made, but now to get down to the creating! Hmmmm lot's to think about.
"Emily's" Blanket
Started: 6/24/10
Finished: 8/12/10
Gifted: For E for the holidays
Needles: US13
Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun
Color: 404 Lagoon (blue) Lot: 105085
Color: 309 Deco (cream) Lot: 102885
I think this shot shows the color a little better. The teal is not a solid teal color. It actually has quite a few flecks of other colors (lighter blue, red, purple) in it and there are long color runs of different shades of the teal color - I think this adds a little bit of interest.

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hakucho said...

Wow, you have been very productive! You've turned into a knitting machine :)

All of the blankets are awesome...there is nothing nicer than a hand knit blanket...very lucky recipients :)

happy knitting :)