Friday, August 6, 2010

Camping trip crochet

We went on vacation for 12 whole days!! 12 days of fun - 12 days of uninterrupted family time - 12 days with the hubby - 12 days of bliss!! 8 of those 12 days were spent camping and what a fun, peaceful, relaxing, serene time it was. It kind of made me want to move into a more rural area with not so much hustle and bustle. We hung out and talked, played games and cards, hiked, cooked together, cleaned up together. We arose with the sun and basically went to sleep right after the sun totally went down for the day. Although not before huge quantities of smore's were made and consumed!!
As always the question of which projects to bring on a trip are of a big concern to me. This time there was also the space contraint to think about. With all the clothes, camping gear and food there was very little space leftover. This is the box of yarn for my granny stripe blanket that sat on the floor in the front passenger well. It really wasn't too bad!!
Side view of "the blanket". It was a lot of fun to work on this. And to get to change yarn every two rows was a huge plus for me. I like the way the double crochet stitches look.
The last few rows that are being worked on. I'm not quite sure why the crochet bug never hit me before - it has me now with a vengence!! I have a few ideas in my head of other things I would like to create with yarn and hook.
The blanket now has a total of 28 stripes - I think it might take 50 or 55 stripes to get it to the size I would like it to be. Just a little lap quilt to snuggle up with and keep us warm!!

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Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs said...

I love this!! In the "old" days we had a full size cusmized van. I would get laundry baskets, put a different medium in each one (projects) and claim the back bench for all trips...I still do that with a mini van, but carry tote bags instead and not just for trips, for every van ride lol...hugs...