Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blankets, Blankets, and more Blankets

WHEW!! Finally, Finally, Finally!! Yeah Team! The last blanket is done, done, done :o) I like the way the color changes on this one the best. If I were to make one of these for us, this is the color way I would choose.
Started: 07/16/10
Finished: 08/26/10
Needles: US13
Yarn: 2 strands held together
Lion Brand Homespun
Color: 377 Harvest Lot: 99377460
Color: 309 Deco Lot: 104060
Just shy of 7 skeins of each color
Zee pile of 6 blankets!! Can you believe it???? All six are for holiday gifts and they are totally complete! Even I am having a hard time believing this!

Here three of them are again - folded and stacked
Here are the other three folded and stacked!
Such a great feeling!

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