Monday, November 26, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving!!! (belated) At the last moment we decided to go to Kirkwood to play in the snow. We left on Wednesday and just got back yesterday. There was not much snow - but we had a great time anyway. Kirkwood made snow and we got to do a lot of sledding. The kids were in heaven!! We had lots of down time as a family (no screens or electronics of any kind there) and played games, read books and just generally hung out. A most excellent time was had by all!!
Only a little knitting got done but there was progress made:
"A Very Berry T-Shirt"
Several inches - the color is just perfect for DD#2

More was done on the hat. As you can see, I added fun fur to the last couple of rows on this hat and now it looks "fluffy". DD#3 is into "fluff".

Because of the addtion of the fun fur, when the last round of knitting is cast off and 17 stitches on each side are put on dpns for the ear flaps, the stitches want to slide off of the dpns. I didn't know what to do - how do I keep those stitches on the needle while I knit the other ear flap. DH to the rescue .... Chip Clips of course!!! They are working out quite nicely!! Hopefully tonight I will be able to finish this hat :o)

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