Saturday, November 10, 2007


Another October bookmark. This picture does not show how "sparkly" the "yarn" is. It is REALLY sparkly. It was not enjoyable to knit with. I don't even know what it is. I used it a couple of years ago on a princess dress to liven up the bodice. It was couched in random squiggles all over the bodice piece which was then sewn into the costume. I thought it might look nice as a bookmark as it has just been hanging out in the string container and was sort of pretty. is scratchy and stiff to knit with. Also, I have blocked this thing twice and almost as soon as the pins are removed it starts to curl in on itself. Oh, Well....dd#3 loves it and is using it as I blog so all is not lost!!!

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Vykky said...

All of your bookmarks are so pretty! I don't know how you use that teensy thread to make such lovely things! And the Kumihimo(sp?) braiding looks like so much fun-I miss crafting with my little girl. She grew up on me! Keep on with your Secret of the Stole-it gets easier and takes ahold of you!