Monday, November 12, 2007

Stash Enhancement

Lovely yarns have made their way into my home. All just ready to be cast on for a new project!! It is truly not my fault! The keeps attacking me. Every time I walk into Full Thread Ahead it jumps off the shelves and into my basket or onto the top of my stroller. Once it is there, I cannot abandon it, I just NEED to take it home and turn it into something. String into a wearable object still amazes me. I know how it works, but I look to the right of me where the ball of yarn is and I look down at my needles and that piece of string coming from the ball of yarn has magically transformed itself into a little piece of fabric. One day I am sure this will not be so amazing to me, but I cannot even imagine that day. So I revel in new yarns and new projects :o)

The two balls of yarn above are destined to be hats for #1 son and #3 daughter. The topmost yarn is Classic Worsted Tapestry from Universal Yarn Inc. in the colorway called Coal Fire. I think my son will love it! The bottom yarn is Inspire from Wisdom Yarns in the colorway #6 (I hate numbers, I love inspirational names :o) I have never knit a hat before so I am a little bit nervous, but Hollis had a pattern from her mom that I liked so I will try it. She has never steered me wrong before. I am also going to knit night tonight (if my husband gets home on time) to start it and get going. That way if I run into snags there are a few people who can help me out. Hopefully I will be able to make some progress.

These lovelies are Cotton Classic Color from Tahki Yarns in colorway #104 (another number :o(). The picture shows it to be a little more blue than it really is. The color is more of an overall teal looking color and is just so pretty. It is destined to become the Very Berry T-shirt from Magknits and designed by Lucia Tedesco. I made one of these in a variegated pinky/purple color for dd#3 and now dd#2 would like one. The blue/green will go perfectly with her blue eyes. I simply will have to cast on for this in the next few days!!!

This is the only yarn I went to the store to find. I was looking for something for the Mystic Waters Mystery KAL. This is what I found. It is so pretty and soft and the colors remind my of the ocean. It is Melody superwash from Jojoland in the colorway MS16 (EEEK another number, I had no idea) - I will call it "Deep Ocean". I am currently knitting my swatch to see what size needles will look the best and the color after knitting is gorgeous. I have completed swatching size US1, US2, US3 and am working on US4 and then will go up to US5 just for comparison. I am hoping to be done with the swatch by tonight so I can ask the ladies at knit night what they think. I think just by looking at it unblocked that the size US1 is too small. The fabric is too dense and is curling very badly, but I will wait to see what everyone else says.

A closeup of this beautiful, soft yarn

The beads I have chosen for the Mystic Waters. I think they are perfect for the yarn. I usually like shinier beads, but these matte ones are really nice and I don't think I could have gotten a more perfect color to go with the yarn.

This monstrosity is Oceana from Cherry Tree Hill in the colorway Northern Lights. It has quite a bit of sparkle in it that did not show up in the picture and is quite pretty. It is destined to become the swing coat below. Although the picture on the pattern is not very inspiring, I have seen two knitted up and worn that are very striking. I couldn't pass the display rack without getting one of these :o)


Cathy said...

Hi, I agree about the coat. It's a good pattern and will look great in the yarn that you chose. Hmmm...why did the designer choose the orange? Is it coming back into fashion? I remember it being a 70's color....

Alethea said...

Hi, this is the type of pattern I am looking for ... is it knit in stockinette? It is hard to tell from the picture. Is it a "simple" pattern? I am looking for something *very* simple, yet elegant for my 88 yo Mom who is active and a *beautiful* woman! (was a model in the 30s and still looks gorgeous)

DawnK said...

Beautiful yarn! I love color #104! You have your work cut out for you!

Sorry about Brownie.