Wednesday, November 28, 2007

#4 child is 6

#4 child who is DD#3 is now 6. Boy how the time flies. Her Kindergarden teacher met her when she was 2 days old and we both cannot believe that she is getting so big!! My in-laws came over to celebrate with us.
Her favorite chocolate cake recipe (also Grandpa's favorite!!).

DD#1 and DS#1 wanted mustaches as I was frosting the cake so I happily obliged. As you can tell, I will have many stories and possibly a slide show at their wedding rehersal dinners :o)
Cupcakes for school - same recipe as above just added sprinkles for added interest and maximum sugar intake.

Now to get ready for the party for her friends on Saturday (yet another cake) and another family gathering on Sunday - my family can come on Sunday and of course my in-laws will be here. All in all a way to just make the birthday last almost one full week. Emma Rose is an excited, happy camper!
The only thing I have to think about is......the goody bags for her friends to bring home from the party. I would rather not put in candy or a bunch of junky toys. What to do.....?

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