Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Stole - She is DONE!! :o)
But not yet blocked. I was so happy to finish this that I immediately had one of the kids try it on and take pictures. This is DS#1 (He is 7 and a half) and he was more than happy to pose for these photos!!

This is a picture of the wing the evening I finished it. I can't believe it's done!

The stole blocking. I made an interesting discovery when I tried to stand up this blocking board. The board is 4 feet by 8 feet and our ceilings are supposed to be 8 feet tall so I assumed that I would be able to stand the board up against the wall near the stairs behind a couple of small bookcases ..... no way. Our 8 foot ceilings are probably no more than 7 and a half feet high!! Pretty funny huh?! No wonder my brother-in-law who is about 6 and a half feet tall always looks taller at our home than in his own!!!

This is the hemlock ring doily that is being made into a blanket on the Yahoo Group:
This is a really fun and it seems to be a quick knit although I have yet to finish. Probably because I have too many other things OTN that I keep rotating through depending on the day and what I feel like knitting! :o) I saw the blanket first on Brooklyn Tweed's blog:
He is amazing!!

DDS#1 thought this was a great hat and wanted me to bind off immediately and give it to him.


SYLVIE said...

Your stole turned out really nice! Your son is a real cutie!

What did you choose as yarn for the Secret of the Stole?

Stephanie said...

lol - your son is adorable, modeling your stole so nicely! Well done - luck to you on selecting yarn and beads for secret of the stole! I didn't think deciding on beads and yarn would be so difficult myself! :)

HoJo said...

Hey, I just found you! I can't believe you're doing the hemlock ring blanket too. I just started mine! We miss you!