Friday, September 14, 2007

One of my good friends is due to have a baby boy at the end of this month so I decided to make him a baby blanket for his baby shower. I used white terry cloth material because it is just so very soft and cozy and then I did some embroidery on it. This embroidery came with the fabric. BUT I did embroider our name and the date on one of the corners. It turned out pretty cute I thought. The really funny part is that when my friend opened the gift, she thought that it was a towel (and so did all the other guests!) - after I looked more closely at it through their eyes I had to agree!! So...I did not correct them :o) He will have a very nice towel to be wrapped up in after his bath now instead of a blanket- Oh Well, this is where it is the thought that counts right?? :o)

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