Monday, April 4, 2011

Romantique Sampler progress and Kid's sewing

These two sections of the Romantique Sampler seem to be taking me FOREVER to stitch. I know it's just me - the pattern is lovely - I am enjoying stitching - but I just stitch so slowly!!
Section 5 complete. Section 6 on it's way. This picture is from a few days ago and I am now at the half way mark. I need to finish this by the 10th. I think it is possible :o)
9 year old finished her little bear and is so happy with it.
I surprised her by stitching up the larger bear and giving it to her when the smaller one was done. She was thrilled!!


hakucho said...

You have plenty of time to finish the can do it; I know you can :) Can't wait to see it finished in all of it's glory....

The bears are too cute. Mama and baby (I'm assuming) are adorable!!

dragonxser said...

I see that you have a very clever daughter too!! Lovely bears, and I love your knitting and stitching too! Best of luck with the weaving - I really must put a warp on my loom soon!