Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!!! Today should prove to be so much fun! All the kiddos are still asleep, but the baskets are hidden around the house and there are MANY eggs hidden in the backyard :o) The cousins should be here around 10:00 and then the real fun will begin. I just can't wait!!

While we were on vacation in Maui, we drove to a lot of different beaches to snorkel and to hike. The snorkeling was fabulous and the hiking was so beautiful - I couldn't believe how lush and green everything was and how many waterfalls we could hike down to. "Little" J is a better climber than his mommy! Anyway, while my husband was driving, I would knit - 21 fish I knit. I didn't even know how many until I got home and started weaving in all the ends!! That brings my count up to 96! I am now officially past the halfway point (I need 180 total) - VERY exciting. When I first started knitting these fish, I did not weave in the ends. Whenever I ended one fish I immediately cast on for the next. As a result there are lots and lots of fish that still need their ends woven in. So now I am alternating between knitting fish and weaving in the ends. I can't wait to get them all finished so I can lay them out and begin sewing them together!

I have also been working a little bit more on my weaving. This pattern is called "rep" and is very tightly woven. You have to beat it really hard so that none of the warp threads can be seen.

This closeup show that all that is visible are the weft threads.

This next pattern is called the basketweave. You are supposed to be able to see the warp threads as much as you see the weft threads. You cannot because I beat this pattern way too hard. I was in the groove of beating and when I changed patterns, I forgot to just let it go. This has been such a great learning experience!! I have quite a few other patterns to try out before I go back to the shop where I took a lesson and my teacher can show me how to get this off of the loom and then rewarp for a new project. Weaving is so much fun and once you get into the rhythm it's very hard to stop!


hakucho said...

All of my boys are too old for the Easter Bunny to hide eggs anymore. They still get a chocolate bunny.I do miss the egg hunts and coloring Easter Eggs. I know I'll enjoy having grandchildren someday, but I'm not in any hurry ;) Weaving in ends is a pain, but it's so worth it in the end. I love my fish blanket and have it on my side of the bed as I'm always cold. It makes me smile everyday when I see it. Some day I'd like to make a bigger one....good luck finishing yours!

Happy Easter :)

chrisstitches said...

You sure are doing a variety of projects.....thanks for sharing.