Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Did you see??

this beautiful shawl pattern from knitty?? Isn't it exquisite?? I love the way it looks. Not only that, but the way it is knit looks very interesting - a NEW to me technique!!! I have way too many things on the go right now, but I will keep it on the top of my to do list. We were away last week in Hawaii - we had such a wonderful and relaxing time. The kids did really well on the plane and the trip could not have gone better. Lots of beach time and hiking. It was too sad to come home to a regular schedule once again!! Above is my Easter Sampler after Part 6. I finished Part 7 on our trip and am now most of the way done with part 8. I just don't have any updated pictures yet.

Parts 1-6

I did manage to finish part 6 of the Romantique Sampler and get the photo to the designer before we left. Thanks so much for the encouragement Hakucho!!!

A close up just because I think it is so pretty!
Parts 1-6

Waves of Love Dishcloth from the Monthly Discloth Group.

I love this color and the design on this cloth.

I am now behind by two dishcloths!! I told myself I would make them all this year (I have not been able to do that in the past) - I better get cracking!!


Nancy in IL said...

All your stitching looks wonderful, and I especially love the spring/Easter SAL you're doing!

Sari said...

What lovely works you have! I love especially the romantic sampler, looks like something I'd like to do too. Dishcloth is nice too, I also love knitting them as they are such quick to do!

Nancy M said...

Great progress on all your pieces! A vacation to Hawaii sounds like heaven right now. We woke up to snow on Monday!

Meari said...

Nice stitching. A trip to Hawaii sounds like heaven!

MaryT said...

Love the Easter sampler! the other is beautiful too.

Mary Louise

Gabi said...

Lovely stitching. Your dish cloth looks great too. Is that a ravelry group for the knitted clothes?

hakucho said...

Thanks for pointing out that technique...I missed it when the patterns f1rst came out. Very interesting!! All your stitching is really looking good. Hard to knit and stitch at the same time.

Happy Easter :)