Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Unscrunchable" Scarves

I tried out this pattern from Mary Ann over at Miss Woolly Knits - I can't make blogger accept the url so that you can just click on "Miss Woolly Knits so here it is in all it's glory:
I hope that works if you are interested. If it doesn't, let me know and I'll try something else :o)
Started: 11/2/2010
Finished: 11/30/2010
Needles: Special unique ones to be explained later in this post :o)
Yarn: Sensations - It's A Wrap
Color: 221 Blue/Angel Hair Lot: 1025
Measures: 6 7/8" X 60"
I cast on 28 stitches to start
This yarn is super soft and I LOVE it! The scarf is intended for my step mom and I chose this color specifically to go with her very vibrant blue eyes!
Started: 10/24/2010
Finished: 11/2/2010
Needles: Same as above
Yarn: Sensations - It's A Wrap
Color: 3 Taupe Lot: 10445
Measures: 8" X 63"
I cast on 32 stitches to start
This one is for my father. I hope he likes it!
This is one of the needles used to knit the above two scarves (the other one is currently being used in another project :o). Notice that there are no manufactured marks on it, there is no writing on it to tell you what size it might be. I used one of those fancy, dancy little tools and discovered that it is slightly larger than a US size 6 needle. These needles were made specifically for me because one of my favorite hobbies is knitting and because knitting makes me happy. Those were the words out of the 15 year old's mouth as she presented them to me awhile back. This girl does not like to knit or do much in the crafty department. She is all about soccer, running and music - yet she knows the perfect gift for her mom. So Sweet!

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hakucho said...

Love your scarves...and those needles are precious!!! :)