Saturday, December 11, 2010

Games & Knitting

I have been having so much fun lately!! All of my holiday knitting is done - three items need to have the ends woven and then sewn up, but a couple of nights should do it. Then there are two items that need to be finished on the sewing machine. All in all it feels great to be done ahead of schedule!!
Another mini-bear. I love the colors of the skirt.
More beading although it is very hard to see the green beads on the hem of the skirt in this photo. It is easier to see the orange ones at the belt area.
Lots of game playing around here. It seems like we go in cycles with our activities. This Sorry game is from my childhood - it's simply amazing that it has lasted this long!! Sorry is a great game for kids of all ages and we truly enjoy playing it :o)
My oldest daughter (15 eeeek!) showed us a new card game called, "Egyptian Rat War". It is quite entertaining with much slapping of the cards in the discard pile. It is quite loud and rowdy too!! I find that I get loud and rowdy also which entertains them all imensely!! Nothing better to them than having to tell mom, "you're being too loud!"


hakucho said...

Another fabulous bear!!

I wish I had all of my Christmas knitting done already :)

I still have my old sorry game as well as a few others. It's been a long time since we played it though. My youngest plays warhammer with his buddies. I like it because it gets him away from the computer and video games for a while ;)

PattieJ said...

That bear is adorable!!! I want to knit so bad but I just can't do it!! I try and it seems so hard... I would love to learn to make a bear like yours!