Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Summer Splash

I just finished the knitting on this bag. The pattern is called "Last Summer Splash" and is designed by Ana Maria Delk. She submitted this as a free pattern on the Bag-A-Holic Yahoo Group (now non-active) back in August 2007. I found mention of this bag on Ana's Ravelry page but not the pattern. It is a very easy knit and I love the colors and the way it looks.
Started: 8/10/2007
Knitting Finished: 12/28/2010
Needles: US8
Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns, Squiggle
Color: 4705
Lot: E0068330
This is the yarn in the photo that has the felt looking strips on it
Yarn: Lion Brand Fun Fur
Color: 194 Lime
Lot: 579
Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic
Color: 3805 Aqua
Lot: 833
Color: 3726 Green
Lot: 851
Color: 3402 Orange
Lot: 866
I still need to make a frame for this bag. This was started when I was very new to knitting and wasn't quite aware that very loose knitting would make for a very floppy bag - one with no structure whatsoever. I will get to that sometime in the near future. I am sure it will be an adventure as I have not done this before :o)
The start of 40 inches of I-cord for the drawstring
Hexagon #13
Hexagon #14 for the Whirlygig
It's nice to be bringing out some of my projects that have lain dormant for so long. It's also very nice to be knitting just to be knitting, not to be knitting for gifts and on a deadline. VERY relaxing!!

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hakucho said...

Yes, it is very nice to be knitting for knitting sake and not the rush of finishing gifts in time for Christmas! Enjoy finishing your beautiful projects :)