Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stuffed Tutus

I saw a fabulous tutorial over at Samster Mommy and knew right away I had to make a few of these for some sweet girls in our family!! Some of the cousins are reaching the perfect age for dressup and tutus are so perfect!
This is the first one, modeled by the 12yo. She loves it!
The pattern calls for gross grain ribbon. I duly purchased some and then decided that it needed some "perking" up :o)
So....I also bought some of this ribbon to add to the top to create something a little more festive!
The ribbons sewn together and attached to the top of the tutu.
Super easy pattern and fun to boot!
A close up of the pom poms. DH was with me when I went looking for pom poms and he thought the pastel ones were a little too.......bland. He chose these and I do believe he is correct. They show throught the tulle very nicely.
Ribbon for the next stuffed tutu :o) But for now we are off to get our Christmas tree and put our lights up. Fun, fun times!!

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hakucho said...

A stuffed tutu is new to me! It sure is cute :)