Sunday, May 9, 2010

Photo cubes

Photo cubes finished just in the nick of time. All those layers of sealant, mod podge, and clear glaze took some time to dry, but they are done now :o) I am lucky - there are 6 sides to these cubes - 1 side for each child and the last side for a group photo!! Pretty easy, peasy!
Puppy update - Kate is just over a year now and is so much calmer than when she was younger. Here she is with DD#2's guinea pigs, "Precious" and "Sweetie Pie". Amazingly enough she absolutely loves these guinea pigs. She will lick them and nuzzle them - they are equally comfortable with her. My daughter is very thrilled with this as the guinea pigs reside in her room and now the dog is in there all the time as well. She reads out loud to them frequently - I wonder if they are listening??

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Jasmine's Mommy said...

Your so talented. I love looking at your different projects :)