Saturday, May 22, 2010

No straight lines for me.....

I went to class on Thursday night in very high spirits-I was so excited to learn how to put my quilt together and then to quilt it. I had purchased a walking foot for my sewing machine and was completely ready. And then I learned a terrible truth about myself.......I cannot sew a straight line............ I went V. E. R. Y. slowly and really tried to aim for the ditch, but it was not happening. Sure, it happened some of the time, but not with any regularity.
These are just two of my quilting lines. They are not even examples of the worst stitching that is on my quilt.
I was also dismayed to learn that we still have to weave in our ends at the beginning and end of each of our stitching rows. Somehow I thought it would be like regular sewing - just backstitch and cut - nope. I still love the class, our teacher is extraordinary, and the ladies couldn't be a nicer bunch, but I am feeling a little discouraged. Since Thursday, I have woven in the ends and am ready to continue "quilting"; however, I just don't feel like it.

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Vicki W said...

I think you said in your last post that this is your first quilt. You are being too hard on yourself! May I offer some tips?

Use thread that matches one of the fabrics, then when you go off like you won't even see it.

When you made the quilt did you press your seams to one side? If so, target your stitching for the "low" side of the seam. The needle will naturally want to sew on the low side.

While you are stitching you can pull the seam apart a little with your hand on each side of the seam. That will also help to guide the stitching a little.

Don't rip out anything until you put view the seam from 5 feet away. If you can't see it from that far than it's OK as is!

If it's a baby quilt it really doesn't matter because the baby is going to puke on it anyway.

Practice. You can only get better with practice. Instead of criticizing every stitch, just keep going and then compare how much better you got form the first line to the last. Some projects are really just for the purpose of building skills and that's OK!

Keep at it, you are actually doing a great job!