Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I am a little monkey

Lately I have been very distracted. I am like a little monkey.....every new little shiny thing that catches my eye I must do. Reading blogs has made this phenomenum so much worse!! I am learning to embroider, signed up for a quilting class, started a new scarf (bought yarn for another scarf with plans to buy yarn for 2 more scarves), went to a needlepoint store and now want to learn that as well - I'm tellin' ya - just like a little monkey!!!

I pulled out my Whirly Gig blanket from the bins and am very much enjoying working on this in little bits and pieces of time. I love this yarn and the way it changes color - I can't believe that I have put it down for so long. This project was started waaaaay back on February 11, 2007!
I love the way these look!
There are 12 hexagons done right now and I only need 33 of them!
Some new fishies. These are now just coming off the needles I know the pattern by heart.
The fish above is possibly my favorite. I love the color so much!
More kites! The one above I ran out of the blue and had to add some other cotton. Looks kind of neat I think.
Another kite with my favorite color of cotton!
This is from the Monthly Dishcloth KAL Yahoo Group. It says "FRIEND" but I couldn't get my camera to get a good picture of it. All these cloths are now winding up in our linen cabinet because the kids love to use them in the bath and the shower. That's really nice for me to see :o)

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