Sunday, April 11, 2010

Having Fun!

So.....I have been looking at a few embroidery blogs lately and have been enjoying them so very much! I decided to teach myself embroidery - shouldn't be too hard, I have been cross stitching for awhile now, right??? I found sharon b's blog Pin Tangle. Every Tuesday she posts a new stitch to try out along with a very detailed tutorial - I thought this would be a great way to enter the world of embroidery slowly, one stitch a week, with plenty of time to practice.
My first attempt was her tutorial of the Diamond Stitch - it was a complete disaster and had to be ripped out. You can see above that I just decided to do a backstitch. I have now started a new square for the buttonhole stitch. I think maybe I need to start easy and then move on to more complicated stitches :o) One can only hope.......

Another kite - all the rest have been given to my son's preschool for "wash cloths" for the babies.
Another fish - these are really fun and fast!
Monthly Discloth KAL for the middle of march.
Peaches and Cream - color: Pink Lemonade
Size US5 needles
A second blanket. This one is much, much smaller than the first. Boy, did I learn my lesson!!! For this one, I cast on 20 stitches and knit 40 rows for each "square", then changed color. Not only much smaller but much quicker to knit. I still really like this pattern and the yarn is so very soft.

Yarn: Lion Brand Yarn - Homespun
98% Acrylic, 2% Polyester
Machine wash and dry (VERY IMPORTANT!!)
Size US 13 needles - 2 strands of yarn together
Color: 322 Baroque (Light Purple)
209 Deco (Cream)
Lots: multiple
Dimensions: 65 3/4" X 67"
Weight: 6 1/2 pounds
A picture of the edging. I am getting slightly better at single crochet around the edge, but need lots more practice to make it better looking. I am, however, very happy with the finished product. This yarn is so soft and the weight is just perfect. I have now started a third blanket with black as the color of choice.

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