Thursday, September 24, 2009

What am I up to?? appears that I have the attention span of a gnat - maybe even less than that. So, as I was reading Vicki's blog Field Trips in Fiber and decided to click on the link on Block of the Month.............which led me to Two Creative Studios and their block of the month program. It looked so easy to do and I have been wanting to make some quilts (even though I have never made one and have no clue how to really do these). I went to my local quilt shop and bought some fabric for this block.

I fell in love with these - here they are all folded up.
Aren't they just gorgeous. All but the checkered one are "fat quaters" and the checkered one is half a yard. I like the purple/green marbled one at the bottom of the stack the best.

Here are the instructions. They are very clear and straight forward and I started right away!

Since these were the two fabrics I liked the best, I started with them.

A close up - I love the combination of the purple and the green and then the added orange in the checkered one just makes my day.

These are the coordinating colors I chose.

Here is the middle strip all put together. Notice that my blocks are not all the same size. The directions say to carefully measure the pattern because when it is printed it can come out a different size than it is supposed to be. I erroneously thought that even though the squares where slightly smaller than required, all the pattern pieces would have been shrunk by the same amount. No so.....

I plugged along anyway and this is my finished block. I am so happy that I actually made it. It is a little wonky - some of the corners do not match up right and I think that the purple/green marble triangles should be a different color - something with more contrast. They seem to disappear into the other blocks. I need to figure out a way to make all the pattern pieces the right size and then make a new block. The pattern was totally great!!! I can't believe it turned out somewhat recognizable!! On to the next one.....


Vicki W said...

Sweet! Glad you are joining in and I love the fabrics!

KimP said...

Excellent try! I love your fabrics, and I think you will love quilting!

Tea said...

Hi there! Quilting is so very cool; something I do want to try soon. Your block is great, love the color scheme!
Thank you for visiting my blog. :)