Tuesday, September 8, 2009

She's 14

My first born turned 14 years old the middle of August. I can hardly believe that 14 years have passed since I brought her home in her little carseat, so tiny that I needed two of those baby headrests just to keep her head straight in it. Now she rides her bike to school - a freshman at high school. YIKES!

This is the cake she wanted. It is the family's favorite chocolate cake recipe. She did not want any type of frosting, just fudge topping poured all over it. Her wish was my command!
My nephew (her cousin) who is 9 months old. The festivities were wearing him out and he was getting a little fussy. My sister was tending to her 3yo so my daughter said she would take care of him.

She's a baby whisperer.

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hakucho said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter a little late! Very sweet photos of the two and a very sweet cake...yum! Bet that cake was delicious :)