Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Banangrams......that is the name of our new favorite game. The only one who has trouble playing is the 4yo as he cannot read/spell yet. He "helps" me or dad. We now play this game ALL the time. The 9yo boy's friends come over and ask to play - the more players, the more fun had by all.

This is the 11yo and her friend playing. They were having a blast. We had friends over last weekend for brunch and they would up staying all afternoon because......"just one more hand", ok "just one more".....it was great. The next day my friend emailed me. The title was, "It's all your fault...." Apparently she had gone out and bought the game and now nothing is getting done at their place except the playing of this game!!
Look at how much fun these two are having :o) We went up to my in-laws for dinner last night and we brought our game. My father-in-law is totally hooked. This game should come with the warning that it will be addictive!!!! It's a fabulous game. I can't wait to play another round.....

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