Sunday, August 9, 2009

Xstitch Santa

More progress has been done on the Santa Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking.

Before is above and After is below. I love cross stitching (even though it would be easier with a lighted magnifying glass that I am to vain to use) each night when I sit down to stitch I keep thinking how great it is to do this. I can't wait to sit down tonight to work on it again :o)
Unfortunately I am only approximately 50% done. This approximation only includes the actual stitching - not the putting together to make it a stocking. Let's was started 12/29/2008 and we are more than half way through this year........I think much more stitching on a regular basis much be accomplished if I want to give this to DD#1 this Christmas. Hmmmmh.....and I thought I was doing so well!

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Shan said...

Cross-stitch stocking, oh jeepers don't remind me.