Thursday, August 20, 2009

Repurposed T-shirt

My now 14 year old daughter spent some time in her room yesterday. This is not something to worry about. She sometimes likes to read in "peace and quiet" which our home is not. She also does other things in there. I had an inkling that she was creating something because she was asking things like - "Can I borrow the turtle? (my pin cushion)" - "Can I use the sewing machine?" - and then I would hear some exclamations of distress from her room. But she did not need my help. Behold what she came up with from an old shirt that she could not bear to part with, though it had become much too small:

New accesories!!
Arm warmers

Head kerchief

New purse. Pretty neat!! If I do say so myself!


Vicki W said...

Cool for her!!!

hakucho said...

Very clever girl you have there...good for her :)

KimP said...

She did a great job! And she is so cute!