Monday, August 3, 2009

Spite and Malice

This is the name of a new card game that my sister-in-law and brother-in-law have taughter me. It is a very fun game and we played it quite a lot at the pool while the kids where having fun. The rules are here:

The best 11 yo and my 9 yo can now play. It takes two decks for two people, 3 decks for 3 people and so on - a perfectly adaptable game for my crowd!!

I am anxiously awaiting the oldest to come home from music camp so that we can teach her. She has been gone 6 days, we just got to see her last night (it is a 2 1/2 hour trip) to watch a concert and then take her out to dinner. We go pick her up in a week - much too long for me. I was sure that she would want to come home when she saw us, but while it was really evident that she missed us and her siblings, she was completly happy and had made a lot of new friends. After dinner she was ready to go back to camp for more music and festivities. My girl is growing up.

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