Monday, August 17, 2009

Short Rows

I just have to say.......I "hate" short rows! I know, "hate" is a pretty strong word to use and maybe by the end of this project I might begin to tolerate them, but right now they are so not fun!

Here is a section before I learned how to pick up the yarn for the "wrap & turn".
Here is a section after I learned how to pick up the yarn from the "wrap & turn". Much better however I am not going back to fix the other ones. I will just move forward.

Can you tell what it is??

It's the Lizard Ridge from Knitty by Laura Aylor and started 11/21/2006. I really do love the yarn - Karaoke - it is soft and so nice on the hands and such a great break from those ribbon shirts I have been making. I was yearning to make something with "real" yarn and this definitely fits the bill!

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hakucho said...

Beautiful colored yarn...looks so soft!