Monday, April 21, 2008

ds#2 bear

ds#2 has a new bear!

Started: 4/8/08
Finished: 4/20/08
Gifted: ds#2
Needles: US#7
Yarn: Bear - Leewards Orlon Sayelle - 100% Dupont Orlon (kinda scratchy)
Color: #1522 Light Cinnamon
Lot: #120196 010
Yarn: Clothes - Berroco Plush Colors - 100% Nylon (very soft :o)
Color: #1951
Lot: #31
I gave the bear to him as soon as it was finished and he hasn't put it down :o) That's gratitude for you!!!

How come I always feel better when I know that someone is going through the same challenges as I am. As if it somehow reinforces that I am not the ONLY ONE with child rearing challenges or home organizational challenges. I am drawn to those who have a fun outlook at the same challenges that I am going through and it somehow helps me to overcome my feelings of inadequacy. For example, over at We Are That Family, she has a truly hilarious way of looking at most things family and child related. Even the sick and vomiting times - I find myself nodding my head and laughing until I think I will fall off the chair because I have been there, but not with quite the same outlook. Then there are the blogs where moms are trying to juggle tons of things along with keeping a home and feeding the family. It is just so nice to be able to relate and know that maybe, just maybe, it will all work out in the end and my husband's family won't mind so much (and whisper to the rest of the clan about my lack of housekeeping skills) when they show up unannounced and find that one of the couches in completely covered in laundry. At least it was CLEAN laundry!!!

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hakucho said...

Such a cute little bear...your son must love him :)