Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The warranty has expired!

DD#2 is now 10- that's right, she's now in the double digits! I cannot believe it! It would be just too predictable to ask where the time has gone, but there it is- 10 years has past in a flash! A friend of mine told me that now that she is in the double digits the warranty has expired and we have to keep her. Ah....just think a few days ago.....NAH, we would miss her too much. Well.....except when the loud screaming that sometimes seems to emanate from her gets to a decible beyond comprehension.

She had a pool party so this is the cake we came up with. DD#2 actually helped make the cake and decorate it. We had a really fun time - something to keep in mind for everyday and not just once a year :o)
Gummis reclining


A young one trying to stay afloat


Shan said...

Wow I LOVE that cake! Great job and happy birthday to your daughter!

Lindy said...

Oh how CUTE!!!!!!!!!