Saturday, February 9, 2008

New knitting & old knitting

So much for not casting on for something new!!! I was at knit night on Monday and a friend was knitting a spiral baby blanket that I thought was really cool, so.....I had to start one too!! It is super easy and has become my new take everywhere knitting.

Finished hat for dd#1. Actually I made a different one that wasn't "long" enough. This is the new one. She loves it and wears it all the time - both outside and inside!

Another of the same hat I have been knitting, but I kind of got bored with the regular pattern and decided to do some different stitches. The solid yellow closest to the top is a seed stitch, the solid yellow closest to the bottom of the hat is a 1X1 rib and there is also a 2X2 offset pattern in there.
January and part of February hats including the short blue one for dd#1 and the taller one and the one from above. 4 of these hats will be given to charity.

DH's sweater progress. It has come to the point where it has been split into two parts a front and a back. Currently I am working on the back (shown here) and have about 6 more inches to go.

This is the side view that inlcudes the gusset and the front of the sweater on some waste yarn. This is a great knit. I am learning so much, but it is slow going. I was stalled for awhile and had to make a deal with myself to knit 2 rows a night. Well, once I get started each night, I keep going past the 2 rows because it really is enjoyable.

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