Saturday, February 23, 2008

President's Weekend

We got away to the snow this past weekend and it was a complete blast!! 4 kids skiing and one who loved digging in the snow and stamping in the "muddles" (mud puddles). There was snowman building (these mini-snowmen that were just so cute), long evenings by the fire playing games and reading with the kids, and good food. 5 days away from the daily schedule, chores and chaos were just what the soul needed. All of us are just so refreshed!

A little bit of knitting went on:
Hexagon #3
Hexagon #4

Hexagon #5.
Only 28 more to go if my 2nd grade math skills are still working.

All 24 inches of the back of dh's sweater are complete

The front is well on it's way

AND......since I am a "jack-of-all-trades", a pair of earrings

It was so much fun making these earrings!! I had forgotten how much I actually liked beads and wire. It has been a full couple of years of mostly knitting which is so fun and rewarding, but there are other crafts that are also really fun. More time, I just need more time!!

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