Sunday, January 27, 2008

How much can you knit......

in line at Disneyland??!!

A scarf out of cotton fabric strips which is quite pretty, but not soft or warm. I think one out of fleece would be a lot nicer - I put it on the list of things to try out after dh's sweater is complete.
A feather and fan dishcloth - cotton stripes

A hat to match ds #2's sweater. He wears it for all of 2 seconds before he takes it off letting me know that his head is "TOO HOT!".

A hat for dd#2. Now dd#1 wants one just like it.
I discovered a couple of things while knitting in line at Disneyland.
One - I have previously found Disneyland to be lots of fun but very, very tiring. I realize that standing around doing absolutely nothing just drains the energy right out of me. I stood in line knitting and playing word games with the kids and we had a blast.
Two - lots of people were very curious about what I was doing and not in a bad way. They kept asking what I was making and on more than one occasion someone would say they were going to bring their knitting the next time they visited Disneyland! HAH! Knitter's unite :o)
Three - I must get better at using my dpns. I could totally have knit at least a sock and a half while in line.
Four - I need lots of sleep. Even though we stayed at the park until closing (midnight) on most nights, we wound up sleeping in until 7:30 or 8 each morning and did not get to the park until 9:30 or 10. That meant we (read I) was getting between 7 and 8 hours of sleep a night and it felt GREAT! I had tons more patience with the kids and just generally a better outlook. SO....while I generally do not make New Year's resolutions I decided to get more sleep this year on a daily basis.
So far I am doing well with this, but sleep is cutting into my knitting time is a big way. I used to knit in the evenings after the kids go to bed-sometimes for hours. I still do knit after the kids go to bed, but in order to get the sleep I am trying to get, knitting time has been cut to about 30-45 minutes. Now to learn to knit in my sleep - that would be the cat's meow! :o)

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Shan said...

I knit after the kids are asleep too. Problem is, they are not early risers (homeschool - Yay!) so I don't start my nightly knitting until after 10.30. This means I'm usually in bed around 1.00 AM. It's not too bad - I wake up around 8.30. Pre-kids, I was always up in the early morning, and I miss it....but this won't last forever. And it does mean I get a lot of quiet for knitting!