Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well.....Hollis did not disappoint!! This beaded silk will be used for the accent on the Sahara sweater that I plan to start in September at one of the classes offered at the LYS.

Isn't this yummy!!! I love the color - this is just for the trim. Can you see the little clear beads attached to the yarn?? They are divine. I have on order the same color without beads for the body of the sweater. I am so excited about this project - I ordered the pattern ages ago and have been drooling over it since then. Now I can't wait to receive my yarn so that I can start!!
These are kits to make beaded lariats (sp?). Obviously I couldn't decide on a color. The only bummer for this project is that the beads have to be strung on to the thread first. YUCK!! BUT...you should have seen the samples - they are really cute!! I feel some holiday presents for the kids coming on :o)

New needles in size 000 for the above kits :o) They are sharp and tiny - perfect for me!

My finished bookmark from the monthly bookmark club. I actually finished this a few days ago but am not sure that I like it. I just don't know how a zig zag bookmark will work so I will try it out.

I am having a case of cast on-itis!! I will post more about new projects in the next few days. This always happens when I am supposed to be working solely on one project (i.e. the MS3) and am having a hard time maintaining that monogamy.


carole said...

yummy turquoise yarn.... you are a knitting machine! what an inspiration

HoJo said...

Your yarn is still waiting for you at the store. We've even wound the first couple of balls.