Wednesday, August 8, 2007

MS3 clue #4-The Story!

The short of it - clue #4 is finally done. This clue really did not want to be completed - I had a brain block against it and fought and wrangled it - AAHH it is done. This is just a close up of the top of the clue - sideways of course since I still have not figured that part out :o)

The Story:

Clue #4 was started on the Saturday after it's release to the group. It was started at a swim meet for DD#2 and was worked diligently through all events that she was not participating. Progress was made - good progress.

Then family came into town and the knitting of the MS3 was laid to the side for lots of fun with everyone and tiredness at the end of the day that comes from having a total of 7 kids and anywhere from 6 to 14 extra adults at the house at any given moment in time. With all the cooking and cleaning and entertaining of these extra bodies all that entails. No complaints here - I loved every moment of it!!

Then ..... the trip to Disneyland. I decided to knit in the car on the way down to Disneyland. It's a 6 hour ride with nothing for me to do so MS3 was my form of entertainment. Containers were loaded with food, markers, paper, beads, pipe cleaners, stickers, and more for the kids so they would be occupied.

We left .... 6 hours in the car = 26 rows of knitting on the MS3 - ALL Correct. Whew what a miracle; however, the next morning on the VERY next row of lace knitting at the hotel before the kids awake, 2 forgotten YO's. How does that happen???? How can I knit in the car when it's bumpy and the pattern is falling off my lap and I have to hold the crochet hook in my left hand completely straight so that the bead that is balanced on the tip won't fall off while I knit up to the placement stitch for the bead - It gets dark and I am knitting with the car overhead light because I forgot to bring my miner's lamp my FIL gave me .... and all is well - not one error. BUT...sitting in a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee, ample light, a table for supplies, I am stationary - there are problems!! HUH defies explanation!! I should go back to the car.

Then, oh wait, after counting the stitches on the needle, excuse me, there should be 99 stitches not 98. I am still short one more stitch-EEEEKKK (hair pulling). Look back, count each section and find yet another YO missing.

Ok, ok, ok - deep breath time - fix mistakes. Keep going, a row or so each morning we are there with no more real catastrophes.

Drive home - 27 more error free rows. Get home unload car, unpack, do laundry, be home for a day and a half, repack, get back in the car and go to Safari West for the weekend. 15 more rows on the drive each way. Error free I might add.

Get home and feel that Clue #4 is in the home stretch - work row 319 and after the first 5 stitches work only 4 knitted stitches in the pattern instead of 5 and don't notice until the end of the row - UGH!!! TINK back finish row - finish clue.

AHH! The fight of Clue #4 is done and she is resting!

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Kat said...

Wow, that's quite a story!

Um, you know you don't have to tink back to grab a dropped yarn over. On the return row (or even two rows later) you can just grab the horizontal yarn where the YO is supposed to be and knit up as if it was a dropped stitch. You can't do this too far down because there it will steal yarn from the adjacent stitches, but you can fudge quite a bit.

It looks beautiful!