Saturday, December 8, 2012


Wrappin' - not the singing kind or the present kind, the knitting kind!
 I have contracted a virus.  This virus is called startitis.  Have you heard about it??  Oh, it's so contagious!!  But, oh so fun!  As usual now, Tux must be in the middle of everything.
 I found this fun and beautiful yarn one day while I was at Michaels.  I had just dropped off my youngest daughter at a girl scout meeting, I was feeling a little blue and had about 90 minutes of time all to myself.  So....I decided to have some retail therapy time.  This yarn and several others found their way into my basket.
 I had no idea what it would look like knitted up, but it looked kind of fun in the wrapper.  Now that I have knit a bit, I love, love, love it!
 This is the yarn unknitted - didn't it look fun?  Can you see why I just had to have it??
 We also celebrated a birthday - Our youngest daughter turned 11 and requested her favorite chocolate cake in my "fancy" bundt pan.
 I couldn't disappoint her!  And I filled the hearts with melted chocolate wafers of different colors.
Look at that face!  Did she like it or what!

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Karen said...

Everything looks great, particularly the cake:) There is nothing better than a case of startitis, well, except a case of finishitis. I hope you catch that too:)

Michelle said...

I would never have guessed that yarn looks the way it does knit up based on the way it looks in the wrapper! It looks like a really fun project!

Kristine said...

I haven't tried my Magical yarn yet. Now you've given me a reason too. All your projects look great!

hakucho said...

I need to find that yarn. Definitely looks like fun!

happy holidays :)