Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Do you have scads of these plastic bags??
 I do/did!  They were everywhere!  I had bags of these bags.  It seemed that they were taking over corners in my home - you know, where my yarn needed to live!
 I took each bag and turned it into these strips.
 I now have a tote bag full of strips so that I can.....
 Knit with them!  For right now, I think this will be made into a recycled grocery bag to carry my groceries.  It's really quite strong.
 I really like all the different colors!!  It's just so cool!
I picked up these two magazines the last time I was at the store (I couldn't make the picture verical) and am reading them right now.  It is getting colder and I just feel the need to be in the kitchen cooking up a storm.  Of course, chocolate is a necessary part of most meals :o)

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Michelle said...

Neat idea! What gauge are you using for this project? I bet it will end up being a really sturdy grocery bag!

Jarka said...

lovely idea! reduce-reuse-recycle! :)

long time ago, when I was taking art classes, I did my "graduation" project - knitting a dress from plastic-bag yarn, it was fun, but really scratchy dress :D

Tawnee Isner said...

What a neat idea. When it gets cold I want to craft rather then cook. Funny how weather can have that affect

Stephanie said...

Looks great! I never thought about using bread bags and banana bags with that before. That may be something I need to keep next time!

nauget bluff said...

Chocolate is mandatory..!

Anonymous said...

My grandmother would cut walmart plastic bags in strips like that and make a crocheted rug then put a felt bottom on it. I have one and they wash and wear well.

Marsha Cooper said...

I have bags and bags of plastic grocery sacks....and bags and bags of them that I already have cut into strips. I really must get some projects going.
I wouldn't try knitting as it's not my favorite, but I crochet them in to things.