Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Naughty Kitties

We have two new additions to our family.  Actually they cam  home with us a few weeks ago, but have been a little skittish.  I'm not quite sure how we ended up with them......We decided one sunny Saturday afternoon to go for a walk as a family.  We set off and were enjoying the sunshine and conversation.  The younger ones were running everywhere, playing some imaginary game that only they knew what was going on.  At some point, we decided (the youngest) that it would be a great idea to go get ice cream.  So....we reversed direction and walked toward one of our favorite ice cream stores.  In the same strip mall as the ice cream store, is a pet store that just so happened to be having a cat fair that day.  The kids begged us to just go "look" at the cats - they just wanted to look at them and hold them.  My husband and I fell into this trap and said, "Sure!  Why not."  HAHAHAHA
 Meet "Motor".  He is most likely almost a year old.  His original name is "Honey Bee" and the kids still call him this sometimes.  I call him Motor because he has the loudest purr that I have ever heard.  When he gets going, you can hear him in another room.  This picture doesn't show just how pretty he is - his tail has lots of grey hairs in it and he is so furry!  He loves to lay on this little guys bed a bedtime and J reads to him.  Otherwise, he meows outside my oldest's room (while she is playing the violin) because he likes to be in her room while she practices.
 Meet "Tux".  This one is a true kitten.  Her original name was "Kate", but of course that wouldn't work because the dog is Kate.  This kitten is so cute, but such an imp!  She is a hunter and continually "hunts" the parakeets (poor birds!).  She is always underfoot attacking our legs and feet.  She sits under the table at meal time and tries to jump in our laps so that she can peek out and steal the food off our plates.  All that is very cute.  She has one other habit that is not so cute.....
 I know this picture is very dark, but can you see that one broken warp thread on my table loom?  We can thank Tux for that.  I caught her chewing on the threads!!
See this broken thread, this is another one.  She was running under the loom and then would jump up through the threads and out the top.  The kids think this is hilarious - me...not so much.  I took my handy dandy spray bottle that I use with water for ironing and sprayed her every time she went under the loom.  It only took about 3,769 times but she stays away from the loom now.  It's sure a good thing that she is so cute!!

I haven't been reading much in the line of real books.  Been working on "Carrie" by Stephen King.  I had been cleaning out some things and came across it - I remember liking it a lot, but I think my tastes have changed over the years.  I am almost done with it and have not enjoyed it as much as I thought I would.  Other than that, I have been reading my crochet and sewing magazines and planning for my daughter's sleepover birthday party this Friday (she is turning 11) and then our annual family Thanksgiving party on Saturday.  Please don't ask me why I thought having a birthday party on the eve of the big family Thanksgiving party was a good idea!!  Obviously I am a little addled!

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sandy said...

Cats and yarn really don't mix. I see lots of dang it's in your future. I don't miss the days of my cats un-crocheting for me. My pet days are now gone. My card is punched on that one. lol

Chrisknits said...

Such sweet faces, the kids AND the cats. Right now I am thinking indoor cats would be better than indoor/outdoor dogs since the puppy just came in after rolling in something disgusting! Yuck! He went straight to the bath. You would think a dog who hates baths would not roll in stinky stuff. But not him. Good thing he is adorable, cause I would give him away right about now. LOL.

Tawnee Isner said...

I love cats. They provide hours of amusement when they get going. Congrats on the new additions

hakucho said...

Congrats on the addition of your new family members...I'm sure they will be greatly loved :)

kerri.warmus said...

We had a black fluffy cat like your new "Motor" and he was just an absolute LOVE! We enjoyed him for 14 years and still miss him. Congrats on your new additions!