Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Tallies and Noon Art

I don't have very much to show for my hexies this week.  I managed to finish two.
 This one, made with some of the leftover yarn from my linen stitch scarf.  I actually really like embroidering on these.  It is a little fiddly - I do it before the hexi is stuffed and closed so I have to get the needle inside that little thing, but I think the effect is worth it.
 This hexi is made with size US5 needles and dishcloth cotton.  I had a vision of my blanket having many different sizes of hexis - the abundance would be the tiny ones with the larger ones scattered about.
 I actually "hate" the bigger one.  It is very wonky and I don't think it is very cute at all.  It is also not the right size to easily fit two of the smaller ones to a side to easily add it to the blanket.  Oh, well!  Gotta try new things once in awhile.
 This is a piece of cardboard that was cut off a box.  I save these along with all cereal box cardboard and any other cardboard that is flat and not too thick.
 These types of cardboard make great patterns and can be used for many, many crafts.  I am the lead for noon art at our elementary school and each craft has to work for approximately 275 students aged 6 years to 11 years old.  That is a huge range in terms of ability!!  Here I am prepping for friendship bracelets.  First, you need to cut out circles - I traced around a juice glass for the circle.
 Stacks of circles
 More stacks
 There are over 300 in this box.  Some of the children will want to make more than one and I want to encourage them to be as creative as possible.  After the circle are cut, a hole needs to be placed in the center of the circle...
 Then, eight half inch slits need to be cut into the outside of the circle.  After that, seven 24 inch lengths of thread (or yarn - I prepped both) need to be cut and knotted together - place the knot into the hole in the center of the circle and then separate the 7 strands into the different slots.  Then they are ready to be used.  I will post again about how to do the actual friendship bracelets soon, but a google search will tell you all you need to know :o)  They are quite easy (once they are prepped!!)
 These are the first ones that were prepped.
 300 prepped and ready to go - you can see that some are made with embroidery thread and some are made with yarn.  I am going to try to encourage the younger kids to use the ones with yarn because they will see results much faster.
Extra forms just in case - I will also bring yarn and thread.

This prep takes quite awhile and is why I have not gotten my hexis for the last couple of weeks done.  Now I will be able to keep up with my hexis - I won't be able to "catch up" but I should be able to get my original goal of 7 per week done.  Let's see if I can do it :o)  Or if something grabs my attention!!

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