Saturday, May 26, 2012

Noon Art

I have been lucky enough to be able to lead noon art at our elementary school this year and it has been sooooo much fun!!!  Every other Friday myself along with a few other volunteers have introduced an art project and the kids have loved it.  We have reached anywhere between 175 to 250 students each noon art and it feels great - not to mention how much it relieves the pressure of an overcrowded playground!
 Yesterday, the project was friendship bracelets and although the prep was very time consuming, it was so worth it!  The kids had a great time.
 They were all over our MP room not to mention outside making bracelets galore!
 Here are even more up on the stage.  The funny thing is that we had as many boys as girls!!  Fabulous!
 These are zoomers - you wind them up, pull the strings on either side and watch them spin.  So much fun!
 A picture of the tables after they cleared out a little.  Before this, you couldn't even get through to the tables.
 Ball and cup game.  They decorated the outside of a toilet paper tube, attached the ball and string and away they went.
 Journal making.  These are made from the covers of cereal boxes folded inside out.
 An example made by one of my kids just for show and tell.
 Totem pole making - another huge hit!
 The kids are super creative!

We did so many other things like:  pet rocks, weaving, maze making, seed cups and so much more!!  I had so many ideas, I couldn't use them all.  Well....I signed on for another year for this volunteer position!!  This is right up my alley.  Maybe I should be an art teacher when I grow up.....

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