Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In Progress

These are all my hexis.  I started "puffing" away at the first of this year and told myself I would not count them until this bowl was so full I couldn't add anymore without them falling out.  Boy has it been hard not counting them.  In the beginning, for the first couple of weeks, I did keep a running tally in my head.  But as the weeks went by and I kept losing track it got harder and harder to figure it out.
 The time came as I tried to add this weeks hexipuffs to the top.  They wouldn't stay!
 I dumped them out - don't they look fun, all piled up, their colors so random?  I am reading that book right now - I love murder mysteries and this one sure fits the bill.
The kids helped me to line them up and count them - 97 hexi puffs so far!!  Pretty darn cool!

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mkonieczki said...

WOW! That's a nice looking pile of puffs! I wish I had the endurance to knit the Beekeeper quilt. I LOVE the way it looks!

Shannon said...

Whoooo! That's quite alot of puffs! Great job!