Saturday, January 29, 2011

Progress Reports

Progress Reports - that's all I have, but I have been so excited to be working on all these things that I have not gotten much in the way of domestic duties kept up.
First up is the Romantique Sampler by Angie Designer. This is a SAL but you have to complete each portion of the pattern before you receive the next portion. I have the first two sections, but have only worked on section one so far. Above is a photo of how it looked earlier this week.
Here it is without the backstitching....
And here is section one complete - what a difference backstitching makes!! I love taking before and after shots of backstitching.
Some knitting got done - the Mid Month Dishcloth for my Dishcloth Group. This one is called Freedom. I started this one in the two colors called for, but decided that there wasn't enough contrast between them so switched out the green for this ombre.
Needles: US5
Yarn: Lily Sugar'n Cream
Color: 01105 Country Blue and
00165 Daisy Ombre
I love this dishcloth pattern. It was easy to knit up and the effect is very striking.
My mandatory fish picture of the week :o)
It keeps me honest - I know I need to knit at least 7 so I keep at it. This week there are only 8 because I was so distracted with other projects! And I don't anticipate next week being much better :o) I seem to be easily distracted............
I started sewing the fish together and this is as far as I got. I do like the way it looks! Right now, it is not easy for me to do this so I have to concentrate. This kind of keeps me from sewing them together at recitals, games and the like, but slowly and surely it will get done :o)


hakucho said...

Is that the braided crochet joining of the fishes? Looks great!!

Sarah said...

Such a pretty SAL I love the thread you are using what is it?