Saturday, January 22, 2011

OakHaven Designs SAL Progress

So...this has not been as straight forward as I would have hoped. The design is VERY cute and is pretty simple - no half or quarter stitches - no real backstitching to speak of. However, it is my inexperience as a stitcher that has held things back for a bit.
I started first with the back stitching in the upper left hand corner and quickly realized that counting all those stitches as I stitched down the side would be a disaster - I haven't mastered the art of counting accurately above 10 yet :o) Then I started putting in the stitches for the snowflakes and decided that I should put in "guidelines every 10 rows. That was ok.
After I stitched for awhile, I realized that the color "dirty" called for in the pattern was not just cream - these white stitches really did not show up at all. It took me a few days to get out to the craft store where I purchased some really pretty light blue 14ct Aida cloth and promptly started out again. Part of the way throught this rendition, I realized that the white was not showing up all that well on the blue either, but I kept going and this morning finally finished the January part of this SAL.
I really love this cute little owl, but the background color is not dark enough to show the stitches. At this point, I see two choices: 1. Leave it as is and go back and backstitch around the little guy if it really still bothers me at a later date or 2. I can get some even darker fabric and re-stitch him. I am a little relunctant to do that as I don't know what the next patterns will be. If I choose a fabric that is too dark, it might not show up the next sections very well.....I will wait and see.....
And the requisite fishie photo for this week.
12 of them again
Even I am getting sick of these photos
But not the fish :o)
I did figure out that if I want a finished blanket that is approximately 4 feet X 6 feet, I will need 180 fish. Not bad.....If I keep up the same way as I am going now, I could totally be done by the end of the year. Can I stick to one project that long?????


DJ said...

What lovely fishes, I guess I'll have to read back a little farther to find out what all the fishes are for!! They look like a fun project, though... As for your SAL, I've been pondering what fabric to use myself, and though the white doesn't show up too well on your fabric, I can see that you do lovely stitching! It's a shame we can't see into the future and know what other pictures will be in this monthly SAL isn't it? I hope outlining him in the end will do the trick! Good luck! (And thanks for stopping by my blog!! I appreciate all comments!) *Hugs*

Gabi said...

The fishes look like a lot of fun. Lovely stitching. Although I can see your problem here. I saw someone had started this project on a hand dyed purple fabric. Looked good too. Backstitching should do the trick as well. :)

hakucho said...

You do have quite the dilemma with your owl. I'd probably do the back stitching, as I wouldn't want to start all over again ;)

I don't think I could ever get sick of those fish!

Carolyn NC said...

Lovely progress and love those fish!