Monday, February 1, 2010

Pinata Time!

There are a slew of birthdays coming up for our family. The 7yo is now an 8yo-I swear wasn't she just in diapers???!!
The kids always want a pinata for their parties and this one is no different. Above is the making - I place a netting of twine in between layers 2 and 3 for added strength and also so that it is easy to make a handle to hang it from.
The 7yo and the 4yo painting the pinata - look at that concentration! Must get everything exactly right :o)

Still working.....and working......and working.....they love this part. It was nice of the 7yo to let her younger brother help. I was worried she might want to decorate it all on her own.
The finished product-the 7yo side-she was so thrilled and it was quite strong-it took a few rounds through the line to crack this thing open. Only 3 more birthdays to go before then end of March.........

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hakucho said...

You all are certainly very crafty!! Great pinata and you have the best decorators :)

Happy Birthday :) Looks like you'll be having lots of fun!!