Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mini Wrapfolio

My youngest child is 5 years old today. Why does that seem so old? Why do I feel as if I am losing my baby (it's not as if he's going away to college or getting married)? I am rejoicing in all the new things he can do - writing, reading a little, riding his bike with training wheels, etc. - but am missing the little baby. OK! Enough of that!@!!
I saw this idea of a wrapfolio in a magazine and knew right away that it was perfect for him. He loves to "write" and draw. So I decided to make him one for his birthday. This actually looks nothing like the magazine picture. The one in the magazine is gorgeous - it has strips of fabric and is quilted. My original idea whas to find several pirate themed fabrics and cut them in strips and copy the magazine. I found lots of pirate fabric at JoAnn Fabrics in the clearance section and was all set to purchase them and then thought about it for a moment.......if I cut them into strips, a lot of the motifs would be obliterated.....I didn't really want to do that. I decided to just use two pirate fabrics - one for the outside and one for the inside and I found a red fat quarter to use for the pocket. I was all set!
The picture above is the outside of the wrapfolio. I think my son will totally love it!! The picture below is the inside. What I failed to think about initially was that the pocket would cover up most of the inside fabric. What to do?????
As you can see, I just cut out the pirate from some of the left over fabric and appliqued it to the pocket before it was all sewed up. Worked like a charm and is kind of cute.
This wrapfolio does not close completely because the pad of paper I chose is a wee bit too big - so next time I will either make the wrapfolio longer or choose a smaller pad. This will work perfectly for today and I think my son will love it!!
I had to include the picture from the magazine. See how beautiful these are? Eventually I will try out one of these - probably for holiday gifts. This pattern is in the February 2010 issue of Crafts 'n Things. The designers are Sue Bleiweiss and Terri Stegmiller ( Just in case you want to know :o)


Sue Bleiweiss said...

Your wrapfolio came out great!

Marsha said...

Great project! I invite you to enter my Valentine giveaway. You could win a pink, bead-knitted purse, hand-knit by me, with a chocolate bar charm.