Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Humor and Fabric Pumpkins

We love to decorate for Halloween and we also like to make some of our decorations.

These are little fabric pumpkins that the kids sewed by hand.
We went out to the yard to find twigs for the stems.
A little 4yo decorating humor.
He placed this skeleton jumping with his hands in the air...
Everytime he walked by he would crack up laughing.

Liked the first one soooo much had to do the next one the same way!
Note missing foot and half a leg - eaten by our STILL teething dog, Kate.
Yes, she eats everything......I think she has goat somewhere in her family tree!

This is teen humor. That is the door to our bathroom...

To make the pumpkins we first traced circles onto fabric. We had several different fabrics.

Then we cut out the circles.

and the fun began. This is at about 6:30am one Saturday in October.
Now you know how we spend our weekend mornings!!
They all loved this craft! I thought it was great that they can all sew.

Look at that concentration - this is his first time with a needle and thread. I know, I know "Bad Mommy!" - our first child was 18 mos old when she learned and she had her own embroidery hoop at that age!! takes over!

After sewing around the edge of the circles, pull up thread to form a cup and stuff.

Get some twigs from the backyard.

This was easier for some more than others..

Stick the twig in the top, pull tight, knot and presto! A pumpkin!!

Finishing up.

Helping a sibling. The hardest part was getting the string to knot tight enough around the twig to get it to stay in.

"I want to make one into a purse....."

After a lot of work and more stitching by mommy than by boy, we have a pouch to carry "treasures"

Her wee tiny pumpkin.

This one loves ALL crafts and these are only two of many that she cranked out in a relatively short period of time! No pictures of the teen -- she slept in until around 9:30 or so and made hers then. But the rest of us were on to breakfast and other things by then. be 14 again.....and to be able (and allowed) to sleep in until it is actually light outside!!

Most of the pumpkins all together.

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Shan said...

I just about died laughing at the bathroom funny!

I can't believe it, needle and thread and embroidery hoop at 18 months? Jeepers! I guess I better get on that 8 year old girl hanging around here, huh?