Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Costumes

Halloween this year was a complete blast!! We decided at the last minute (a few days before) to host a party for a few families. It got completely out of hand and we had almost 70 people here. It was so much fun!!! We served a simple dinner, had one craft, and went trick-or-treating. It was so easy that we are planning on doing it again next year!

14yo wearing the cowboy outfit for younger brother - she had so-o much fun. Kate as the pirate dog. Kate really did not like her costume and the head piece was taken off within moments. She was so tired by the end of the night that she sprawled in the middle of the living room floor (after trick-or-treating for hours) with kids and adults stepping over her. She just snored on oblivious to it all!
The 11yo (in the witch hat)

The 9yo - he was a jewelry thief. Where do they come up with this stuff??!

The 7yo (in the wig, hat & cape) - she is an "old, granny, hag" said in a quavering voice.

Just thought this one was cute! It made me laugh :o)

The 4yo "Ninja" - $7 at Walmart and he still hasn't taken it off!

My costume (sorry it's blurry). The food wrappers are just pinned to my pants. And in case you can't tell what I am supposed to be.......

There it is....."Snack Mom". Just a little spoof and so much fun!

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