Friday, November 13, 2009

Another Santa Cross Stitch update

Frantic and furious would be the description of the work being put in on this Santa Christmas stocking that was supposed to only take a year to complete. The general thought was that consistent attention and by consistent is meant daily - it would be a cake walk to complete not only the stitching, but also the sewing together to make the stocking.

The above is the last progress shot.
Here is the top of the stocking - lots done

Here is the middle/part of the bottom - lots done.

This is the stocking progress in full as of 2 days ago. Lots done - lots still to be finished. While it is the journey that is important (and believe me, the journey is still so much fun), the finished product is important also. This is not a surprise gift, DD#1 knows all about it - she also now knows that unless by some miracle there are a few more weeks added between now and December 25th, there is no way the stocking will be ready. She is fine with that - "Mom, that's ok" she said, "I will love it whenever it is finished." With those words echoing in my head, and the understanding from such a young person, the race is on to see if the impossible can indeed be made possible!


Vicki W said...

You've made great progress!

Shan said...

Oh God, don't remind me. Mine's been going for like 6 years and I don't think 2009 will be its year, either. Even my HUSBAND is starting to shoot reproachful glances at me.