Monday, June 8, 2009

One Done, One Started

The Eros Shell is done! This is a very easy knit, but because of the thread like quality of the yarn, it seems to take forever!

I really like the way it looks and fits. I am planning on wearing it with a black skirt for both my daughters promotions this Thursday. Will I really be the mother of a high schooler and also a middle schooler?? They were just tiny a moment ago!
Eros Drifters Shell from Plymouth
Started: 7/24/08
Finished: 6/6/09
Many other projects made in this time period as well :o)
Needles: US 6 (collar and bottom inch) and US 7 (for the rest)
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Eros Drifter's Italian Collection
Color: #4796 blue/green
Lot: #165
Gifted: To Me!
Mods: I elongated the length of this shell from 13" to 15" from armpit to bottom bringing the total length to 21 1/2". If I were to do this again for myself I would add another 2" to the bottom. It fits fine, but I like my shirts a little on the long side.

DD#2 picked out this yarn and I must say it is quite festive.

The top of the balls to give an appropriate look at the colors.

The start. This is what it looked like on June 6th. One June 7th it had an unfortunate accident with the dog. She dragged it outside and rolled around on it. Then she so thoughtfully brought it back inside for me. "Nice Doggie" - do you hear the sarcasm!! Anyway, thankfully she did not chew on my needles and it was frogged and re-cast on and now looks very similar to the photo above minus a row or two. Both my daughter and I very much like the way it is knitting up - so very colorful, but very different from mine. The yarn I used had very long color runs and that's where the stripes came in. Hers is just random bits of color so the pattern is an all over one. I can't wait to knit a bit more to see how it's really going to look :o).

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